New Sidewalk and Planters on Bancroft Street

A new 5 foot wide sidewalk has been installed on Bancroft Street from 13th Street to 1st Street at Lauritzen Gardens.  The area on Bancroft Street from 11th Street to 10th Street, adjacent to Bancroft Street Market, has been enhanced with a wider sidewalk and planters. The diagonal parking has been removed.  The improvements will enhance that pedestrian and bicycle friendly nature of the Deer Park and Dahlman neighborhoods in Omaha.  The wider walks will provide better access for students walking to and from Bancroft Elementary School at 8th and Bancroft.  The change will provide an amenity to bicyclists, runners and pedestrians on 10th Street.

Trees, shrubs and grasses will be planted in the future which will add green space to the neighborhood.

bancroft 10-20-2015