Three Print Shows

Bancroft Street Market welcomes Frogman’s Graphics with three Print shows.  The show opens on Friday July 1, 2016 and runts through Sunday July 17th.


Distant Fires – featuring Emmy Linscheit and Nicholas Satinover

Distant Fires explores the built environment and the way humanmade spaces act upon, and are acted upon by, the surrounding ecological environment. The convolution of intrinsic, physical and psychological experiences of space and place reveal a postnatural world in which the line between synthetic and organic beings, systems, and materials is increasingly blurry with meaning becoming layered, obscured, or changed.

National Mandate: Run, Hide, Fight – An Installation by Guen Montgomery

The phrase Run, Hide, Fight refers to the suggested protocol issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security for coping with an active shooter situation. The piece calls attention to this issue’s creeping transition from shocking to commonplace, in hopes of catalyzing discussion in the community.

Idioms – Organized by Marco Herrera and Jolynn Reigeluth and featuring artists from Canada and the United States

This exchange portfolio celebrates those sometimes peculiar or nonsensical phrases known as idioms.  Our everyday language is filled with them, and they are part of what gives each language its own unique character.  Although the idioms in the portfolio span several languages, they share a common visual language that is communicated through the use of print media.