Complete Streets Omaha Open House October 26, 2016

Complete Streets Open House

The City of Omaha and it’s partners are currently developing a Complete Streets Design Guide as part of continued efforts to provide a transportation system that works safely and comfortably for all. Its purpose is to help implement our new Complete Streets Policy. The Guide will delineate the needs of people traveling by different means and help prioritize the sometimes competing demands in the design and redesign of our streets. The Guide will also outline public engagement strategies that can support the City’s transportation projects.

To aid in the development of the Complete Streets Design Guide, the City is holding a public open house from 4-6 pm on October 26th at the Bancroft Street Market (2702 South 10th Street). At the event, people will be able to provide insight into their varying needs when using streets while walking, bicycling, driving, or using in any other way. The open house also provides an opportunity for those new to the concept of “Complete Streets” to learn about how streets can simultaneously support a range of activities.

Learn more about Complete Streets in Omaha at

Please come share in our efforts to make Omaha better. We hope to see you there!