Omaha Riverfront Redevelopment 2018

Philanthropic Omaha citizens have been advocating for a redeveloped Omaha riverfront district on the Missouri River.  The current concept that has been shown to the public centers on changes in the vicinity of the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge and the Central Park Mall.  The imagined design would encourage amenities that would attract pedestrians and residents.


While the current  efforts are laudable,  a better strategy would be to develop and build better pedestrian, bicycle and transit connectivity between the Henry Doorly Zoo and the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.  Because each weekend in the summer, over 10,000 people per day visit the zoo, it would be logical to figure out an and easy and entertaining method for them to easily travel to the area adjacent to the Riverfront adjacent to downtown.  They should not have to drive and re-park their cars.  Once better connectivity was in place, then more attractions could be developed on the riverside and visitorship would be assured.