Natural Disasters and Nature’s Grasp

Two fine art print shows held in conjunction with Frogman’s Print Workshops.  On display July 1, 2018 to July 14th 2018.  See Bancroft Street Market calendar for exact open times.


Artists Raluca Iancu, Emmy Lingscheit, Ashton Ludden, Jennifer Scheuer and Jordan Thornton.

What constitutes a disaster and what makes it natural? The works in this exhibition examine different types of disasters, on different scales, both man-made and not. What is the aftermath of disaster and how do we deal with it? In the wake of tragedy, do we sink or swim?


Organized by Jun Lee and Steven Munoz.

Humanity has an incredible ability to create, destroy, and interrupt, which periodically disturbs those same capabilities posited by nature. Either instance can present creativity, calm and tranquility. Participating artists explore these instances and how to strengthen the bond between humanity and nature.