Community Dance Project 2022

Community Dance Project (CDP) is an interactive performance presented by Vōx Dance Collective and performed in Bancroft Street Market. This monthly collaborative performance strives to make dance performance and creation more accessible to the Omaha community.

CDP is an improv dance presentation in which the audience provides ideas, feedback, prompts and more to the dancers on stage. A moderator guides the performance by cuing and instructing the dancers, narrating the choreography creation process, and translating the input from the audience into movement instruction for the performers.  There is no prior preparation for the evening, dancers make up all of their movements on the spot, and then the audience helps shape the movement they have observed into a short piece of choreography.

By cultivating a collaborative relationship between dance artists and audience members, CDP hopes to encourage artistic endeavors within the Omaha community. CDP provides an opportunity for dancers to perform, workshop, and collaborate with other artists while simultaneously introducing the community to dance creation techniques, vocabulary, history and giving an inside look at the rehearsal process.

The Project is open to the public.  There is no charge to attend, but donations to the troupe are welcome.

 Find out more at or look for Vox Dance Collective on Instagram or Facebook.